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Mansfield Park Bibliography

The following articles appeared in Persuasions On-Line:

Vol. 26, No. 1
”MansfieldPark and Austen’s Reading on Slavery and Imperial Warfare,” byMoreland Perkins
“JaneAusten’s Mansfield Park: Determining Authorial Intention,” byMelissaBurns

Vol. 25, No. 1
“To Govern the Winds: Dangerous Acquaintances at Mansfield Park,” by Colleen A. Sheehan
“Modernizing Mansfield Park: Patricia Rozema’s Spin on Jane Austen,” byKathi Groenendyk

Vol 23, No. 1
“Moral Neutrality in Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park,” by Diane Capitani
“A Space for Fanny: The Significance of Her Rooms in Mansfield Park,” by Melissa Edmundson

The following articles appeared in Persuasions, the JASNA annual academic periodical which all members receive. Back issues can be ordered through JASNA.

Vol. 25—2003
“Melodramas and Transformation: George Eliot and the Refashioning of Mansfield Park,” by Laura White

Vol. 24—2002
“From Mansfield Park to Gosford Park: the English Country House from AustentoAltman," byPeter W. Graham
“I Have Just Learned to Love a Hyacinth: Jane Austen’s Heroines intheir Novelistic Landscape,” by Barbara Wenner

Vol 23—2001
“Mansfield Park and the Question of Irony,” by Judith Burdan
“Jane Austen and the Reconsigned Child: The True Identity of Fanny Price,” byKay Torney Souter

Vol. 21—1999
“What Smith did at Compton: Landscape Gardening, Humphrey Repton and MansfieldPark,” byStephen Clarke

Lovers' Vows
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